Overview of the different types of hosting server

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Websites are a gateway to see the online world. The important data of companies, individuals, or many more are stored in the websites. These websites are hosted in the server that connected with the internet all time. The websites occupy a storage space for uploading data through the GGServers. Before building up a website you should have a clear understanding of the different types of hosting servers namely,

  • Free Web Hosting server
  • Shared Web hosting server
  • Dedicated Web Hosting server
  • Virtual private server

Free Web hosting server

This type of hosting service is free to utilize. It is particularly suggested for low traffic or small websites. It is not suitable for business websites that carry more web pages because free hosting is ad-supported that affects the performance of the site.

Shared Web hosting server

minecraft server hosting

Shared hosting is quite popular as well as cost-effective too. Through this server, you have to share the services with other users. Dedicated access is not possible through the shared hosting server. For an online business, it could be a good option that comes with the 24 hrs technical support. You are provided with offers of having complete access to your website. You should focus on the right hosting company and plan according to the website needs. There are lots of advantages associated with this server such as more space, speed, database, and more effective features and tools.

Dedicated Web hosting server

It is the most expensive compared to other types of hosting services. With Dedicated hosting, you are provided the high-quality service and unlimited access to the GGServers. It is highly recommended for large websites with heavy loaded WebPages. It is better suitable for heavy traffic. That’s why many business people invest their money in a dedicated hosting service to improve their website performance.

Virtual private server (VPS)

 It has the combined feature of a shared and dedicated hosting server. This server can also be distributed into multiple servers and each user has one part of this server. It provides a stable network and flexibility to all the resources. Customization with root access is possible under the VPS hosting.

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