What Are The Benefits Of The Best Led Grow Light 2021 

artificial lights help in plant growth
Posted by Veronica

How can we consider something to be the best? Only when they meet and satisfy the expectations of the user. So how can we set the criteria for LED to grow lights?  One familiar question that always pops in our head whenever we listen about LED grow lights. Are they good for plants? Does using grow lights affect nutrition inside plants? What features should be present in LED grow light that wishes to be the best LED grow light 2021?

What is LED grow light? 

Before we start, we must know what LED is? LED stands for light-emitting diode. LED products are known to be 90% more efficient than normal light bulbs.

What are the different types of LED grow lights available in the market? 

There are several forms of LED grow available lights. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. LED grow light panels

These are the most commonly used LED grow lights. These grow lights have heatsinks for heat removal, a driver, and most of the time comes with a warranty. 

  1. LED grow light bars

These are a single row of diodes which are available in a different spectrum. These are generally not preferred for growing plants for seed but are used as lighting supplements to the main light source.

artificial lights help in plant growth

LED grow light bulbs 

These are single light bulbs that are great for growing small leafy green plants. They can be fitted into standard light sockets.

What makes an LED grow light the best?  

A few things are common in all the good LEDs to grow lights- efficiency, reliability, uniform spectrum, and high power. Given below are the features that I expect the best LED grow light 2021 to have.

  • Spectrum

A good grow light must be uniform, which means it should spread the light evenly to every part. The best spectrum should contain all the lights- red, blue, infrared, and ultraviolet.

  • Power

The lights should be incredibly powerful. The lighter the LED gives, the bigger the yield we will get.

  • Efficiency

LEDs are very efficient, but the best will tend to be most efficient. The best LED must be operating at a higher level, should produce high power, and maintain a low cost for running.

  • Reliability

The lights should be durable and reliable. Nobody likes to invest again and again in the same thing without enjoying the benefits.

In recent years the popularity of LED grows lights have increased due to price drop. The main reason behind the popularity is the features that are provided by it. They last long for more than a decade and has a spectrum that produces high yield and is incredibly energy efficient.

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